Photography is your first and most important tool to introduce your property to potential buyers.  Investing in high quality, professional photography can catapult your marketing efforts to top tier listings, attracting qualified parties.  The CMS team provides the full spectrum of photographic packages consisting of many options. You select from sparkling still photos, through dynamic sunset images to inviting videos and more.

HDR Photography

Expanding technology has benefited our lives in many ways.  The field of photography is one area of tremendous growth, allowing the most up to date “shooters” to do amazing things with high-tech cameras and complex processing programs. 

High Dynamic Range photography is the latest tool in the professional photographers’ camera bag.  HDR now makes it possible to create images that can compete with what the human eye actually sees.  Before this, it was extremely difficult (nearly impossible) to take a photo that could capture both ends of the color spectrum – blackest black to whitest white. By taking a series of photos, each at a different range setting, post-processing programs will combine all the images to cover the entire spectrum … creating the sharpest focus image in full, dynamic color.  Amazing!

HDR is the solution to overcoming the dilemma of having the lush floral display outside of a window washing out when balancing exposure for an inside photo, and other challenges when accurately representing your beautiful property, inside and out.

Research reveals that properties with aerial/drone imagery sell 68% faster.

Drone Photography

Your property or construction project represents a significant investment. While drones have become prevalent these days, not everyone who can purchase a drone is able to master at its use.   When choosing your drone photographer, keep in mind that the Federal Aviation Agency requires 107 Licensing for any drone photographer whose images will be used commercially. Professional drone photographers are more than photographers – they must be skilled pilots as well. Many details – such as utility lines, antennae, endangered specie nesting sites, neighboring structures – must be located and considered in advanced before adequate and legal drone footage can be acquired.

When complete, appropriate drone imagery can bring an element of drama to your presentation, and excite the buyers into imagining themselves in that inviting backyard hammock, sipping a tropical drink, or toasting the sunset from the penthouse deck.

Sunset / Dusk and Digital Sky Photography

One of the most iconic and attractive images of Coastal Florida is a dramatic sunset.  The sun sinking into the cerulean blue horizon is breathtaking, no matter how many times you view it.  This natural backdrop for a dramatic image of your property is now available anytime, thanks to some photographic digital magic.  Through post-production manipulation it is possible to “paint” a natural sunset into your home’s portrait when one was not naturally there at the time of the shoot.  The digital sunset has proven to be a realistic bonus when presenting your property in every possible light.

Showcasing your property’s landscape lighting, pool lighting, fire pits and other features can be achieved by shooting at dusk, giving your home an inviting, warm ambience.  Security lighting at dusk reveals the owner’s attention to detail and safety.

Before After

51% of buyers report that they found their home through an internet listing


Cinematography can be the important keystone of your Florida West Coast property’s marketing plan. Often combining a variety of creative imaging techniques – still shots, video, drone, music, etc. – it is actually a mini movie about the good life possible at your address. Highlighting the key features and amenities, it is designed with two purposes: showcase your property and present a strong call to action.  These short presentations, usually 3 minutes or less, strive to communicate the unique ambience, style and pulse of your place. A well-conceived and professionally produced film may be the most difficult piece of your marketing package to create, but in many cases, it is the one that works best.

Virtual Staging

Virtual staging is a powerful real estate marketing tool in which a home is staged virtually with the help of computer vision technology.

It is a digital interior design technique where an editor creates interiors in specific styles by adding or editing colors, furniture, accessories, lighting, and other elements in a given space.

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Matterport & Zillow 3D

What if you could have a realistic, fully immersive virtual video experience of your property available 24/7 for potential buyers to preview? That is the very product brought to you through new technology called Matterport.  Utilizing a special 3D camera system, Matterport can create a virtual walk-through that mimics the actual experience.  Open doors, climb stairs, peek in closets to get the feel of any property.

Zillow has grown to be the number one public source for searching properties for sale throughout the world.  An estimated 36 million unique visitors check into Zillow monthly.  It is definitely the place you want your property listed.  3D Zillow is a new app available through the site. Using a supported iPhone®, Android smartphone or 360-degree camera you can capture panoramas that the app will translate for your Zillow listing.  The CMS team is highly experienced in creating this unique tool.